Long connector

Order No.: UVG1212060
Product information "Long connector"

The perfect accessories for your construction.
With our accessories consisting of corner, long and guide connectors, you can assemble our U-profile quickly, easily and with the optimum material.
In order to close expansion joints safely and in the long term, we recommend the use of our specially developed metal cover sheet.
There is no easier and more ecological way to assemble our U-profiles.

Additional Items:

  • Corner connector (90 degrees): 1 per corner
  • Long connector: 1 per end
  • Lead connector: 1 (in addition to the long connector) per 300 cm U-Profile
  • Seam joint: 1 per 4 profiles / 10 m

Delivered in brown or grey, depending on availability

Seam joint galvanised, brown available on request

Detail selection Mounting accessories incl. drill holes & screw material
Quality (material) hanit®
Colour Grey
Length 60 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 6 cm
Weight 4 kg
Specification solid profile